More information on Fish tuberculosis
Main Ref: 41806  
Disease type: Bacterial diseases  
Disease name: Fish tuberculosis  
Other names: Mycobacterium infection  
Caus. agent: Mycobacterium marinum  
Part of body and/or behavior affected by disease:
 Skins and/or fins  Belly  Swimming behavior
 Gills  Anus  Other behavior
 Eyes  Viscera Afflicted  Other symptoms
Fish affected:    
Symptoms: The symptoms vary, from weight loss or swollen belly to protruding eyes. White skin patches, scale loss, fin rot and skin ulcers are exhibited. The fish are usually listless, lose their appetite and quickly lose weight. Deformation of the skeleton with small grayish brown nodules found in the internal organs.  
Treatments: Infected fish should be removed from the aquaria and if necessary painlessly killed. Use of kenamycin, streptomycin (Dose: 2 gm/100L for several days. Afterwards do 25-40% water change), isoniazid or rifampin (Dose: 0.25-0.5 gm/100 gm food, during 14 days) seldom has good results. Spread of the bacteria can be stop by UV sterilization of aquaria (or closed systems).  
Prophylaxis: Elimination of infected fish, variation of environmental factors and strengthening the immune system .  
Remarks: Mycobacterium marinum corresponds to the Mycobacterium sp. infection in freshwater fish. Infection occurs commonly in older fish which have been kept for several years.  
Mortality and seasonality
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