Biblio Records for Bodianus bilunulatus
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Ref. Description Named Used Page
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115274 Clough, J.M. 2009  Demersal fish assemblages of South Passage and Blind Strait, Western Australia: a unique subtropical embayment in a World Heritage Property - RAW DATA in excel file.. Bodianus bilunulatus
118272 FAO-FIES 2018  Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS) species list. Bodianus bilunulatus
118717 Tsuboi, M., W. van der Bijl, B.T. Kopperud, J. Erritzoe, K.L. Voje, A. Kotrschal, K.E. Yopak, S.P. Collin, A.N. Iwaniuk and N. Kolm 2018  Breakdown of brain-body allometry and the encephalization of birds and mammals. Bodianus bilunulatus
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