Web Sites with Aquarium Maintenance Information for Ancistrus dolichopterus
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Site Description
The Aquarium Wiki EncyclopaediaComprehensive free Encyclopaedia on all manner of Aquarium subjects
AquaNetThe online magazine for the tropical fish enthusiast with regular articles on aquarium maintenance, breeding and expeditions by famous German authors (Staeck, Seidel, Spreinat and others). Language: German.
FishGeeksDetailed aquarium profile including required water parameters, feeding, tank setup and breeding information. FishGeeks offers detailed profiles of over 2,500 aquarium fish with over 10,000 photos of aquarium fish.
'Ancistrus, Ameiurus & Co...' by Reinhold WawrzynskiInformation and pictures by Datz-author Reinhold Wawrzynski; Language: German.
Catfish and more ... / Welse und mehr ...Wawrzynski, Reinhold: Goldies and Oldies - Der Goldancistrus (Ancistrus spec.)
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