Fish Identification: Find Family
Glossary 2 families of sturgeons and paddlefishes FishBase

Acipenseridae Acipenseridae - (Sturgeons) Cold to temperate waters of the Northern Hemisphere. Anadromous or restricted to freshwater. Body with 5 rows of scutes. Mouth inferior and protractile. Four barbels anterior to mouth. Less than 50 gill rakers. Adults toothless. Large swim bladder. Attain 4.2 m or longer. Important for their meat and roe. Nearly all species are endangered or threatened.

Polyodontidae Polyodontidae - (Paddlefishes) Distribution: China and United States. Snout resembling a paddle and with minute barbels. Body scaleless (naked) except for a few scales on caudal peduncle. Heterocercal caudal fin. Gill rakers long and numerous (hundreds) in the planktivorous Polyodon. Minute teeth. Spiracle present. Operculum greatly extended posteriorly. Mouth protrusible or nonprotrusible. Two monotypic genera (Polyodon and Psephurus). Exhibited in public aquaria and used for food. Both species are under threat.

Note: Families with unknown counts of dorsal or anal spines are also included

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